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KATRION (III) ~ 70m, ~ 2004
De Vries Feadship yardnumber # 667
the boat has been towed out of the dry dock.
her length is 235´
due to the death of her owner, an experienced yachtsman, 667 is for sale

thinking about 667, flowers spring to my mind. there must be a reason for this, but I haven´t found out as yet.

maybe the flowers are the kiss marks from the yard, from the kisses good-bye when the finished project leaves the house

I read on “yachtspotter.com” (not responsible for that site) that the masters suite on 667 contains only one toilet. this may be a further incentive for the boat owning couple to talk to each other (“Are you in there?”),  as after decades of marriage, it may be increasingly difficult to find a reason to talk; it´s better to ask  “Do you want to go to the bathroom first” than having two bathrooms and not talk to each other at all.

The boat is named UTOPIA now.

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